Chapter 7: Fluvial Processes and Systems

In this assignment, we will discover how water is gathered and travels to larger and larger watersheds to meet the sea. Next, we will explore the impact of human activities on water resources.

Outcomes and Objectives

Analyze the physical processes that shape the patterns of Earth’s surface.

  • Objective 4.6: Determine how stream processes, erosion, and deposition influence landforms on Earth’s surface.

Analyze the characteristics and spatial distribution of hydrologic systems (i.e., water sources, fluvial systems, coastal environments, and the oceans.)

  • Objective 6.2: Determine how the types of streams and rivers are influenced by stream erosion and deposition.
  • Objective 6.4: Determine the role and importance of groundwater, and how humans are abusing and protecting them.

Chapter Sections


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