Chapter 8: Oceans and Coastal Environments

In this assignment, we will categorize sections of the oceans and understand their importance. Next, we will investigate debris, the role of ocean gyres, and how humans impact trash accumulation. Finally, we will examine the rainforests of the oceans, the coral reefs, and the current destruction of them around the world.

Outcomes and Objectives

Analyze the characteristics and spatial distribution of hydrospheric systems (i.e., water sources, fluvial systems, coastal environments, and the oceans.)

  • Objective 6.9: Compare how global winds and the earth’s rotation influence surface ocean currents.
  • Objective 6.10: Determine how upwelling and downwelling influence the circulation of deep ocean currents.
  • Objective 6.11: Analyze how ocean dynamics influence the topology of the seafloor and coastal landforms.

Chapter Sections


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