Chapter 10: Weather Processes and Systems

In this assignment, we will explore the relationships between temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity with daily weather forecasts. We will also use hurricane track information to understand the factors the encourage the formation of hurricanes.

Learning Outcomes

Distinguish the characteristics and spatial distribution of solar and terrestrial energy along with atmospheric systems (i.e., solar energy, seasons, atmospheric energy, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and atmospheric and oceanic circulations).

  • Objective 7.5: Analyze how atmospheric stability, air masses, and weather fronts influence weather patterns.
  • Objective 7.6: Compare the various types of clouds and how they are formed.
  • Objective 7.8: Analyze various types of weather fronts and storm systems.
  • Objective 7.10: Determine the various types of weather hazards caused by storm systems, including tornadoes and hurricanes.

Chapter Sections

  • How’s the Weather?
  • Tropical Storms



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